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We Have American Brittany Puppies Now.         click here for Taney's Pictures

Whelped 07/2017

  These pups will have slightly more "Buddy" in them, than if Nolan's Last Bullet were the  "Grand Sire".  Joe is a Grand Son of Nolan's Last Bullet.  The dam is a Grand daughter of Nolan's Last Bullet.  In addition, Buddy is in the fourth generation of the maternal Grand Mother (as are Tequila's Joker, Kansas Kate, Microdot, Sparks a Dan D, Bean's Blaze, Jacque of Connie, Reeds Bo-Nine Max  and Scipio's Little Chick. Of These, only Kansas Kate is not yet  in the Brittany Hall of Fame dogs. Nolan's Last Bullet is, of course, in the N.S.T.R.A. H.O.F. American Brittany Club H.O.F.,  and the Field Trial H.O.F.

 Nolan's Last Bullet Was inducted into the American Brittany Club Hall Of Fame in 2011 !!


  We Prefer to have puppies go home at 8wks., or after, but under no circumstances allow them to leave before  7wks.

This is the Mother of the litter, Mocha's Tenacious Pi (Taney)                                                                                                                                                                                              


This is the Grandsire of the litter, JR's Lightning Joe

On Point at 8 Months (his first wild Quail).

And here, retrieving that bird to hand.

This is Great Grandmother, Ginger's Renegade Mocha Bean

This is Grandfather Nolan's Last Bullet


  I will be glad to e-mail clear pedigrees to anyone who asks.  What web skills I have are iffy, at best and I have trouble getting legible text loaded.

  Call 417-543-0845
  e-mail request to;


This is the pedigree for the maternal grand mother of the puppies:







































































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